Future Digital Marketing Trends: Stay Up-To-Date Ready For 2019 By Joining These 15 LinkedIn Groups Today

Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy can help you expand your network, find customers, and create a professional image for both you and your business.

As a LinkedIn user (if you’re not, you should be!) you actually have a tremendous resource available right at your fingertips.

The first step of your LinkedIn marketing strategy, whichever industry you are in, is to join marketing LinkedIn groups. This way, you will start seeing posts that share advice and news on the latest trends and updates that are occurring in the marketing world.

LinkedIn groups that are focused on the topics around digital marketing, offers fellow marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners access to the latest news and insights from some of the top thought leaders in the industry, all just a mouse click away!

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry. Business owners and fellow marketers must stay updated with the latest digital marketing news and trends to stay ahead of their competition and to make sure their marketing is functioning at its most optimum.

Still unsure whether you should use LinkedIn groups? Before I provide the list of the most active and informative groups to join, here are more reasons why you should add LinkedIn groups to your business and marketing strategy…


Five Reasons Why You Should Be Joining And Participating In LinkedIn Groups


1. Enhance your credibility

When you join a LinkedIn group, you will be able to participate in discussions and debates by commenting on fellow user’s posts.

If you take the time to provide well-thought out answers or questions, you will grow your reputation as being a credible group member.

This will help expand your network as people will begin to take notice of you and follow your profile to see more activity from you.

All groups have different rules, but some will also allow you to share your relevant articles or links to news stories or content that you think group members will find useful. 


2. Expand the reach of your content

As mentioned a moment ago, some groups will allow you to share links to articles. Therefore, if you create articles or run an active blog, LinkedIn Groups will give you a highly targeted platform to share your content and drive the right traffic to your website.

Even better, group members will receive email notifications when new content is shared. So there’s less chance of members missing your content updates.


3. Inspiration for new online content

LinkedIn groups can act as a ready-made focus group. Pay attention to the most-talked-about topics and augment your content strategy.

Digital marketing experts will post credible news and be the first to know and understand the up and coming digital trends. You can then regurgitate this creatively to create content designed for your own readership and followers.


4. Research and interact with your ideal market

The right LinkedIn Groups hardwire you into your target audience.

Listen carefully and you’ll be able to gather all sorts of useful intelligence and data on your audience’s pain points, challenges, needs, fears and desires.

This can then influence everything from marketing strategy to product development.


5. Increase event attendance

If you are hosting a professional event such as a conference, seminar or networking event, then LinkedIn groups is a great platform in which to start generating interest.

You can start a discussion around the topic of the event, or even approach members to guest speak or participate in the event to bring in more interest from their network.


As a networking resource, LinkedIn can give you connections that can lead to publicity, more work, and other great business growing advantages.

Previously, I posted an article sharing the 20 digital marketing experts you must follow on LinkedIn so that you can learn the latest marketing news and insights from well-known names in the field. As a smart entrepreneur or business owner, you should have already by now followed all these marketing experts on LinkedIn and are keeping an eye on your feed for their latest posts. 

After reading this article you should consider joining active marketing groups on the platform too. Community members will often start discussions and share interesting articles all around the latest topics in digital marketing.


For a full list of articles covering:


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The 15 LinkedIn Groups You Should Join To Stay Up-To-Date With Future Digital Marketing Trends

grow your marketing expertise by checking out some thought-provoking posts and discussions From These LinkedIn Groups.

Whether you’re a seasoned LinkedIn pro, or just getting started, I understand that finding the right groups to join on LinkedIn can be time consuming. 

To make it easy for you, I have carried out all the hard work of researching the most informative, reliable and trustworthy digital marketing groups for you to join on LinkedIn, which you will find further down in this article.

From marketing strategy to SEO to account-based marketing, these groups are a great place to start for solid and trustworthy information on all things marketing.


  • Number of members: 1,166,502

As one of the largest groups on LinkedIn, this community provides plenty of  inspiration, intriguing discussions, detailed tips and best practices for improving your online marketing activity, including: mobile, SEO, email, and more!

2 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 432,577

Professionals working with: Digital marketing, social media, search, mobile marketing, content marketing, marketing cloud, data marketing, personalised marketing advertising, pr, events, jobs, social media,, interactive & digital media.

3 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 146,149

Created by HubSpot’s founder Dharmesh Shah, to provide tips, tricks, templates, and tutorials for planning and executing on successful inbound marketing strategies.


  • Number of members: 31,432

Focused on content strategy rather than content marketing. Are you aligning your content with certain goals or creating content just to stay current? This group will help you to think strategically when creating content.

5 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 46,221

While the group is run by CMI, and therefore boasts some promotional content and events, it mostly acts as a forum for marketers looking to improve the quality of their content. This group is a great place for both content marketing newbies, and those who want to improve their already established content marketing programs.

6 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 43,649

Sharing the latest trends, tricks, updates and queries etc related to SEO and Digital Marketing. Participating in this group can help you navigate the continuously changing landscape of search marketing, and lead you to success with optimization.


  • Number of members: 37,746

The number one destination for any LinkedIn professional involved in creating, licensing, marketing, managing or selling content on mobile devices.

With over 2.2 million apps on Google Play and 2 million on the App Store and the average person spending over three hours a day consuming mobile content, this industry shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s apps, games, music, news, video, social media or any other kind of content, there are thousands of professionals making it all happen and sharing news and tips in this group.

8 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 176,292

The marketing industry’s most trusted news source on the topics that matter most, including social media, digital media, CMO Strategies and data-driven marketing. We created this group to allow our readers to share information and dialogue with one another.

9 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 583,580

f you want to learn marketing strategy or are looking for some inspiration for your next marketing campaign, this is the place to be! You’ll read all sorts of marketing, PR and sales professionals talk about their winning, innovations and strategies so you can create your own.


  • Number of members: 745,069

With well over half a million members this networking community is intended for anyone interested in marketing. It focuses on topics like social media, search, mobile, email and general inbound marketing. This is a great community to expand your marketing network!

11 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 146,149

A community those looking to reach their best customers online through techniques like inbound marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

12 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 398

Various studies show more and more companies are already changing their course towards video content. 76% of B2B companies use videos as an effective video content marketing tactics…it’s time to join in and share experience you have had so far whether it is a tool you use, scheme you have made or tactic that helped your business!


  • Number of members: 82,961

Need to get help with SEO? You’ll learn everything you need to know about the latest and greatest best practices from this group. Even quickly scanning the most popular discussions can help you find the quick fix you need to improve your SEO strategies. Search Engine Land is a must-read hub for news and information about search engine marketing, SEO, PPC, and how search engines work.

14 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 243,169

This group is about peers having conversations and exchanging ideas. You must not share links to content on in this group. This is the networking group to join if you want to learn from the thought leaders. If you’re interesting in learning from some of the best minds in the industry and regular speakers at TED conferences, look no further!

15 Samantha Marketing


  • Number of members: 1,877,997

Social media marketing is a must have skill in every marketers toolkit. This group is ideal if you’re looking for new insights on social media marketing. You’ll receive weekly announcements in your email inbox loaded with great resources and webinars in addition to the lively discussions.

Additional Advice

Please note and pay attention to this advice: Once you are accepted into the Group, there are two actions you should take to make sure your experience goes smoothly:

  1. Spend a small fraction of time initially to go through the published group rules
  2. Next, spend some time reading existing comments and observing the type of content that gets shared. Yes there are published Group rules that you can learn. But there are often unwritten rules of etiquette that should be followed too. Watch and learn.


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LinkedIn is an excellent platform for networking with professionals to expand your knowledge and create powerful business connections. This can lead to new job opportunities, tapping into new customer markets and growing the skills and expertise of your team.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you must join at least a few of the marketing groups outlined in this article. You will stay updated with the latest news and discussions around what is working right now, as well as learning about when online algorithms are changing or new tools are created which will help boost your business and marketing activities.

If you want to further your knowledge even more, then read the following articles and take the neccessary actions to make sure you stay up to speed in this ever-evolving industry:

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