Complete Marketing Guide For Health And Wellness Bloggers

Learn the best tactics to grow your audience, gain credibility and earn website revenue so that you can eventually replace your fulltime income.

For those of you who are serious about becoming one of the top health and wellness bloggers, with the current market trends increasing, there isn’t a better time to start than right now!

“In 2016, analysts reported that the global wellness economy reached $3.7 trillion and growth is expected to accelerate by 17% in the next five years. In 2017, we predict there will be a tremendous opportunity for marketers to meet the needs of health-focused consumers.”

As I have already mentioned before in the holistic marketing guide for health and wellness centers, as well as in Wellness Marketing For Holistic Health Coaches (Including Multi-Level Network Marketing Coaches), the health and wellness industry is continuing to grow, and at speed!

“Everything from technology overload to anxiety about healthcare and the economy is taking it’s toll…A recent study reveals that, on a scale of 1-10, the average stress level rose from an all-time low of 4.8 in 2015 to an all-time high of 5.1 in early 2017. As a result, more consumers are reporting disrupted sleep, anxiety, irritability, and fatigue
and turning to self-care techniques like meditation, exercise, and dietary changes to mitigate the effects of stress.”

“Health-consciousness consumers with rising disposable income and growing awareness will help this market grow steadily at a CAGR of almost 6% by 2022.”

Although there is a clear market opportunity in the growing health and wellness niche, which you can grab by the horns, in reality to be a profitable blogger, you need to have pure interest and a passion for the subject that you are writing about. Without this, you will fail. Your enthusiasm and energy will show through your work. If you are not excited about your chosen niche, how can you expect others to be?

Therefore you must find something that you genuinely believe in and incorporate into your own lifestyle. Unbeknown to some, self-care isn’t always about bath bombs and face masks. It’s those activities and practices consumers engage in on a regular basis that help reduce stress and enhance health and well-being.

“Millennials are invested in their wellness lifestyle and value self-care as an extension of their mental and physical health. They spend twice as much as Boomers on self-care and personal improvement. But the self-care movement isn’t only about Millennials, Generation Z and Gen X’ers also express increased interest in meditation apps, mindfulness classes, stress-reducing breathwork, crytherapy, and other self-healing practices that help to reduce stress and allow them to feel more connected to themselves and others.”

Yet, even if you have found your niche that you want to focus on, that still isn’t merely enough to succeed as a profitable blogger. The most successful health and wellness bloggers didn’t become prosperous overnight. I am sure you have heard before, but blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard gruelling effort. Therefore your work needs to be fuelled with passion and drive otherwise your new business venture just simply won’t work.

However, once you have a large enough audience and you’re a trusted, credible blogger you can then generate revenue through advertising, selling affiliate products or even creating your own online products and courses. 

In this guide, I will discuss the tactics and techniques about how you can grow your audience and online reputation to get you the results you need.


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Marketing Tips For Health And Wellness Bloggers

Starting a blog can be a daunting task at first. I get it, because I have been there myself too! With the copious number of topics and areas available to explore, it can become fairly easy to get lost in the flood of information overload.

To kickstart your efforts I have made it easier for you to get started by gathering all the latest information from the best resources. Not only will this guide help you save time, but it will give you the confidence and drive you will need to chip away at all the tasks at hand.

In this article the following topics will be discussed:

  • Health and wellness blog ideas
  • Social media tips for health and wellness bloggers
  • Content strategy for health and wellness bloggers
  • Blogging networks to join to grow your online reach

Health And Wellness Blog Ideas

Let’s face it, no matter how experienced you may be at blogging, writer’s block is real and can be the biggest pain when you are working to a tight timeframe or generally have limited time to work on your blog.

Finding topics to write about can be difficult at the best of times. That’s why it is a good idea to keep notes on your phone when ever you have a light bulb moment or are in the flow of ideas. I bet you have also experienced these moments at night time before bed just you need to wind down and sleep!

Even if you forget to keep notes, you are not to panic or twiddle your thumbs, as I have come up with a great strategy to inspire your next viral piece of content.

Basically, to start off with you need to decide in which of the following four areas the piece of content you are about to create fits into:

  1. Inspirational – such as a challenging journey with a happy ending
  2. Instructional – steps to take along with benefits to gain trust and the outcome if followed
  3. Insightful – a philosophical lesson learned, or an epiphany
  4. Informative – facts, guides, lists, infographics, etc.

Once you have decided on your writing style, next is defining the actual topic!

Why not try the following:

  • A seasonal post such as ‘how to stay healthy this….’ (Spring/ Christmas/ Winter/ Thanksgiving/ etc…) – Luckily for you, health and wellness will never go out of fashion, it is evergreen. This means that you can write about it all year round!
  • How to… (insert an exercise or health tip here and write a guide)
  • The benefits of…
  • Create a list… (such as: what to pack for a healthy holiday, what to purchase on your next grocery shop – you can even include recipes too!)
  • Review a product
  • What is…

For more inspiration check these lists out:

“Wellness is an approach to living life that is becoming as second nature as brushing teeth,” – Kelsey Groome, TRAUB

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Social Media Tips For Health And Wellness Bloggers

Choosing ‘handles’ for social media

  • Social media username checker – for example, when choosing instagram name or choosing Twitter name, use this tool to check to see if the brand name is available on social media platforms first

Please note: when choosing an instagram name, for example, you may need to try using an under scroll ‘_’ or a full stop ‘.’ within the spaces of your brand name if it has been shown as taken. For example, the brand ‘Vibrant Yogini’ is able to use the handle ‘vibrantyogini’ on most social platforms. However on Instagram, they have had to use the handle ‘vibrant_yogini.’ This also applies when choosing a twitter name, and any other social media platform.


“Brands that will have the biggest impact are ones that will make it accessible to more people to live a balanced life in mind, body and soul.” – Katie Guiheen, Wellness Journey report 

Creating content for social media

If you need help kickstarting your content creation or to get inspiration from experienced content creators, a great idea is to initially outsource this part of your blog marketing strategy until you gain practice and confidence.

You can either:

  • Hire Samantha Marketing to create content for you on a project or monthly basis 
  • Find a designer on Fiverr to work on adhoc projects for you


For a list of inspirational health and wellness quotes to use, check out:


Automating social media posts

There are several tools out that you can use to automate your social media posts so that you post at the most optimum time without you having to remember to post each time.

My favourites are:

  • Tailwind – The official tool to automate posts to Instagram and Pinterest. You can also analyse data here too. They are currently offering a 1 month free trial to test out the software, which I highly recommend!
  • PinPinterest – An unofficial tool to interact with other users in particular niches. You can automate pins from websites too. Again, they offer a free trial. This is a great tool if you want to grow followers via interaction.
  • Buffer – Automate posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
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Content Strategy For Health And Wellness Bloggers

People often underestimate the amount of work it takes to set up and grow a blog. Content creation takes a lot of time, especially for those who are new to it. 

A little bit of planning can go a long way in the blogging world. A wise idea is to map out seasonal and trending topics at the beginning of each month that will help you to set goals for your writing and content creation. After all, nobody wants to get stuck in a ‘content rut’ and consistency is key online!

Perhaps the following seasonal occasions may inspire your monthly content plan:

  • January – Health plans ‘new year new me’ and all that jazz! Habit plans.
  • February – Valentines day
  • March – St Patricks day, spring cleaning
  • April – Easter, Earth day: organic recipes! April showers
  • May – Mother’s day, Weddings
  • June – Father’s day, Summer, BBQ’s
  • July – Travel, holidays
  • August – Weddings, summer
  • September – Back to school
  • October – Halloween
  • November – Thanksgiving, Black Friday
  • December – Christmas

Quick tip: On average, it’s best to publish about two weeks ahead for maximum visibility. It’s often a very good idea to do “soft” pieces first, to get your current audience thinking about and sharing your content.


Samantha Marketing can help you create content or advise you as a consultant to give you a helping hand and point you in the right direction.

For further inspiration, take a look at:

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Blogging Networks To Join To Grow Your Online Reach

Although blogging may seem like an isolated environment, there are many online networks that you can join to meet likeminded and fellow bloggers. With the growth in online blogging networks you no longer ever have to go it alone.

Private Blogging Communities

In the blogging world reciprocity is key, therefore you must make sure you stay actively participated in the broader blogging community. 

A great place to start is by joining and interacting in Facebook groups. Quite often you will find other bloggers to collaborate with to help build your readership and domain authority. On that note, the following is a list of Facebook groups for you to check out:

Blogging Networks For Monetizing

Nowadays, regardless of if you have a small or large following, if you can influence others to purchase goods and services online, then you can be rewarded for your efforts.

Brands are constantly on the look out for influencers to help them boost sales. It means you get paid for the hard work you’ve put into your blog and the marketing department at various brands get a highly targeted advert out.

What’s even better for you as a blogger, is that there are established blogging networks who help by acting as the intermediary between these brands and bloggers just like you. 

I have made a short list of the most reputable networks that I have researched and who either myself or my clients have dealt with in the past. If you want to start monetising your blog, I definitely recommend checking them out and consider signing up to a few:

  1. ACORN – one of the most favourable networks out there because:
    • They work with all bloggers regardless of their size of following, whether that is 1000-100,000+
    • They add small touches such as thank you notes and gift cards after successful campaigns have been completed
    • They have large brands on their books such as Dr. Pepper, Bounty, Cheerios
  2. BLOG MEETS BRAND – easy to sign up to and connects you with brands who pay you to work on campaigns.
    • You will do well if you have a well defined niche with a large following and and an active blog
    • Brands have included M&M’s, Neutrogena, Walmart, Hallmark and Swissotel
  3. IZEA – the largest marketplace for creators to monetize their content.
    • Besides bloggers, they work with YouTubers, Instagrammers, journalists, photographers and videographers
    • Brands have included offer a directory or content that you can share, and you get paid for each click through to that content
    • They also provide a directory of readily available content that you can share, and you get paid every time a user clicks through to that content
  4. SOCIAL FABRIC – connects influencers with large brands. However the requirements are:
    • Must have a blog that is at least three months old
    • Blog at least four times per month
    • Original content and storytelling
    • Original and quality photographs (excluding stock photos and text only graphics)
    • Professional blog theme that is user-friendly
    • Active on at least three of the top social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram)
  5. TAPINFLUENCE – best network for sponsored posts or short contentpirces
    • After signing up and connecting your blog and social profiles, you will get to see your estimated influencer earnings right away

For further advice on paid advertising, review and blogging networks to join, check out the following article:

Health and wellness business names

3 Steps to Start A Profitable Online Blogging Business

If you are new to blogging and would like to learn how to get started with building a profitable website, this step-by-step set of video tutorials will teach you everything you need to start making money online.

I had to share this course with your because it is currently being sold with 50% off the usual price making it only £17.50 GBP / $23.50 USD for 10+ hours worth of step-by-step video tutorials! 

I have outlined what is inside the course below this image…

The 10 hours worth of video tutorials has been split up into three main modules:

  1. Launching Your Blog – includes 13 step-by-step video tutorials
  2. Blog Monetization Methods – includes 48 step-by-step video tutorials
  3. Traffic Blogging – 75 step-by-step video tutorials

As an additional extra, if you purchase this course today, you will get 50% off the usual price as well as 2 FREE bonuses to help you create additional income streams as a blogger. These FREE bonuses include:

  1. The Blogging Guru Locker App – This enables you to take any video from YouTube (this doesn’t have to be your video)  and plug it inside the Blogging Guru Locker Software. You can then:
    • Place a button inside the video for visitors to click while they are watching, which directs them to an affiliate product, related to the video, that you can earn a commission on.
    • Or if you want to use it to build a list instead, you can “lock” the video so that they will need to subscribe before being able to watch it.
  2. The Commission Miner Course – find out little-known, yet profitable, tactics for making extra money as an affiliate marketer;
    • Discover the 3 keys to creating big commission checks
    • Discover a way to overlay your bonus offers on top of a vendor’s sales page. (It’s not hacking, but it’s an effective way to crush your competition)
    • 4 tips for instantly boosting your affiliate income, including one quick and easy way to give yourself a fast pay raise
    • Find out a surprising and effective way to ride the coattails of the vendor’s promotions and other affiliate’s hard work to pocket your own big commissions

The course is currently offering 50% discount AND a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Therefore, for only £17.50 GBP / $23.50 USD you should really check this course out if you are serious about becoming a profitable blogger.

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This guide and the recommended course should help you on your way to blogging success. However, if you would like to gain further assistance and advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Some of the ways I can help you are by:

  • Building, designing and setting up your blogging website.
  • Choosing, setting up, automating and managing your social media platforms.
  • Creating content.
  • Optimising your blog for SEO.
  • Finding competitive keywords for you to use.
  • Creating a marketing strategy for your blog.
  • The list goes on! 

To setup an initial consultation by phone, please fill in the following contact form:

In your message, please also include the following:

  1. Your full name and business name
  2. A brief overview of your:
    • current marketing activity
    • desired business goal 
    • target market and industry
  3. If available, any budget range and specific timescales. 


Reasons to register:

  • Exclusive special offers and discounts
  • Additional industry marketing news updates for fitness, health and wellness businesses.

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