20 Health And Wellness Network Marketing Companies You Can Join

Health and wellness network marketing companies claim to offer you the chance to build a home-based business to help you become ‘financially free.’

Like with anything that you put your hard work, time and effort into, you can become successful as a network marketer, even if you do accidentally burn a few friendships on your way to the top…  

So if network marketing is for you, and you would like to grow an online coaching business as a way to sugarcoat the hard selling and recruiting aspect of the industry, then please read on to discover which health and wellness brands offer multi-level marketing opportunities.

But first, before I review the 20 health and wellness network marketing companies, there are a few factors that you must take into consideration. When choosing a network marketing health and wellness company to start your part or full-time business in, it is a smart move to make a note of the following seven elements:

  1. Age – How long has the company been running for? Is it well-established or is it just starting out?
  2. Reputation – What is the general reputation of the company? Reviews and blogs can usually give you a good idea if the company is reputable or suspicious
  3. Quality – Do you personally believe in and support the product or service being sold?
  4. Pay plan – what are the commission levels? What extra benefits are you rewarded with? How often will you get paid?
  5. Management – investigate who owns and runs the company. Do they seem credible? What is their experience, reputation and background?
  6. Momentum – What is the progression of the company in the industry? Is it growing? How are the company’s sales? Are they rising or falling? 
  7. Support – What training and business systems are available to you, to help you run and be successful at your business?
Once you are happy you have covered all these points when reviewing a multi-level marketing health and wellness brand to sign up to, your decision should be a lot easier to make.

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The 20 Health And Wellness Network Marketing Companies You Can Work With

Nature’s Sunshine sells health supplements, homeopathic remedies, and a variety of other products. Founded in 1972, it offers over 600 products that can be used to address a number of health issues and enhance several key body systems. Annual $40 USD distributer fee. It provides great support for its distributors and has received good reviews from both inside and outside the company. The company is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau, who gives Nature’s Sunshine an A+ rating.

natures-sunshine network marketing health and wellness
2 Samantha Marketing

Young Living sells essential oils. Established in 1993, they surpassed the $1 billion mark in 2015. It is relatively cheap to get started (approx $40 USD) but member support is not free, and the compensation plan is complicated. 

young living essential oils network marketing health and wellness
3 Samantha Marketing

Arbonne sells natural cosmetic and skincare products that are botanical, cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Founded in 1975 it is a very well-established and trusted brand. Start-up kit costs $79 USD. The products are expensive but good quality (a basic cleanser or moisturiser will set you back approx. $42-$60 USD, while skincare sets retail for over $300). Commissions are better than most in the industry, but it relies on home parties and shameless peddling. At time of writing I have personally been approached four times to signup to Arbonne! Plus, very few make a life-changing income from it. 

arbonne network marketing health and wellness

Rain sells health supplements that come from plant seeds. Founded in 2009, they are best known for their products based on the black cumin seed, which they claim is packed with significantly more power than any other part of a plant. Startup and retainer fees are expensive ($249-$1259 USD)! The compensation plan is decent enough, but you must purchase their products ever month to stay as a distributer. 

rain network marketing health and wellness
5 Samantha Marketing

Isagenix sells a variety of products related to health, weight loss, and energy. Founded in 2002, they have a binary compensation plan. With minimal science to back up the company’s products and more than enough reports of negative side effects, if you can’t personally endorse Isagenix products, there’s no reason to attempt to sell them. 

isagenix top network marketing companies
6 Samantha Marketing

Rodan & Fields is a billion dollar trusted skincare brand founded by two dermatologist entrepreneurs in 2002. It’s relatively cheap to startup at $45 USD and you don’t have to carry inventory. The compensation plan is average but they offer exotic holiday and car bonuses too.

rodan best network marketing companies

Nerium International sells an assortment of anti-aging skincare products. Founded in 2011, the products are expensive ($270 USD for a combination of night cream, day cream and eye serum). The compensation bonus scheme is good. However, the products use a highly toxic substance called Oleander, which is bad for your skin. The reason that the fine lines and wrinkles disappear is because it causes inflammation and puffiness which makes the skin look and feel fuller. Having said that, when used correctly it does serve its purpose.

nerium best network marketing companies
8 Samantha Marketing

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 and sells a wide array of products directed at youthfulness, health, and fitness. Startup fee: $30 USD, then $19.99 USD monthly. Plus you have to spend a minimum of $85 per month to keep your status as a distributor. The ethics of the stem cell research process they use is questionable too.

jeunesse top network marketing companies
9 Samantha Marketing

Le-vel sells products made with raw natural ingredients. Startup fees are $100-300 USD depending on the plan you choose. This is a monthly fee too. The company is relatively new and offers great bonuses such as lifestyle getaways.

level top network marketing companies

Amway was founded in 1969 and sells a wide variety of products, pretty much anything and everything. The startup fee is $62 USD, which has a money-back guarantee within 90 days. Distributors are free to set their own prices on the products they sell, so they can decide how much profit they want to make on something, giving them plenty of freedom and flexibility when it comes to selling to customers.

amway top network marketing companies
11 Samantha Marketing

Scentsy sells scented flameless candles. The startup kit is $99 USD, plus a monthly $10 fee for a distributor website after three months. Honestly? there are better compensation plans elsewhere too.

scentsy best network marketing companies
12 Samantha Marketing

Purium sells health and diet products. The main product is its 10-Day Transformation Program including a handful of the company’s products, as well as a gym bag, tape measure, and instructional guide (costing $200 USD after using the $50 USD gift card). The compensation plan is simple and the use of handing distributors a wedge of $50 USD gift cards to hand out makes it a bit easier to sell.

purium best network marketing companies

Nu Skin Enterprises sells skincare products. Founded in 1984, they were listed as one of “100 Most Trusted U.S. Companies” by Forbes in 2010. However, their commission packages are confusing and there are many negative allegations against the company from both customers and employees. Overall, there are much better options for a person wishing to start up their own, home-based business.

nu-skin best network marketing companies
14 Samantha Marketing

Younique sells naturally based makeup. It costs a one-time fee of $99 USD to become a presenter, which includes $225 USD worth of the products. The compensation plan is very basic and the only way to make decent money is to recruit others to your team, so there is a fine line of it being a ponzi scheme.

younique network marketing health and wellness
15 Samantha Marketing

Modere sells eco-friendly personal care and common household products. Founded in 2014, it offers plenty of bonus opportunities and unique incentives. Startup fee is $29.95 USD but you are encourage to purchase the $399 kit to unlock all the compensation benefits.

modere best network marketing companies

Omnilife is pretty much the ‘Latin American Herbalife’ selling herbal supplements. The products are nothing special, typical nutritional MLM, and the warnings and side effects are a little alarming. The compensation plans are not great either and very confusing.

omnilife network marketing health and wellness
17 Samantha Marketing

Total Life Changes sells healthy tea and smoothie products, as well as essential oils. Founded in 1999, and rebranded in 2012. The compensation plan isn’t completely transparent, but the binary commission rates are pretty good. There’s no charge to become a member, but you do have to buy a product kit and business starter kit to qualify for commission. As well as purchasing a certain quantity of products every month.

tea life changes best network marketing companies
18 Samantha Marketing

Avon sells make-up, skincare products, perfume, home goods, and even accessories and lingerie. It is very well established; founded in 1886. It costs $10 USD to sign up, but you still have to purchase brochures and marketing materials, as well as a $5.95 USD fee on orders (to cover shipping, handling, and your personal sales website). The products are cheap, but the company has been struggling in recent years.

avon top network marketing companies

AdvoCare sells health, nutrition, and other wellness products. Founded in 1993. The average distributor makes $69-183 USD per month, with the top 10% hauling in about $280-747. If you are looking for sustainable income, there are better options out there.

advocare top network marketing companies
20 Samantha Marketing

World Ventures sells world travel. Although this is not a health and wellness company, everybody loves a bit of travel these days! However, it doesn’t pay well, as you have to have 30 recruits in your downline before you can even make any money, and not only do you have to pay a monthly fee for your training materials, but you’ll also be encouraged to attend a host of training events and conferences that can cost you hundreds of dollars. 

world ventures network marketing health and wellness

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