Generate A Hashtag For Instagram With Tailwind’s New Tool!

Imagine being able to find the most competitive, niche, low competition, and best hashtags for your business account…

Welcome to the power of the new Tailwind Instagram hashtag generator tool!*

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How do I find popular hashtags to use on Instagram?

Tailwind’s latest tool will help you find the best, most niche and competitive hashtags to use on Instagram.

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Take a moment to think about just how many images, videos, captions, and other items have been posted on Instagram since its inception…

If we didn’t have a method of grouping similar posts together, then searching for relevant and new content would be very difficult.

Hashtags do not just help you filter through the mass of posts on social networks, but they also help you make sense of all that data, aiding your search and sorting of posts into themes and categories.

They also allow you to see posts from a broader range of people than just your own circle of friends.

You can use hashtags to search for posts relating to a topic, rather than just sifting through the photos your friends share on your feed. You can explore content that catches your eye, which you would never have found otherwise.


But the question many business owners have is:

How do I find the best hashtags that will grow user reach and increase interaction on Instagram?

Tailwind’s hashtag generator tool will help you find the best hashtags to use on Instagram to increase user reach and interaction.


Stop wasting valuable time trying to find hashtag for likes or the best Instagram hashtag for followers.

Instead, find the best, most competitive and niche hashtags which target your ideal customers and grow the visibility of your posts on multiple user’s feeds!

To help you, in this article I will show you:

  1. How to use Tailwind’s new tool to generate a hashtag for your scheduled Instagram posts
  2. The reasons why you must at least trial the tool for your business


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Video Walkthrough Of The New Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool

At Samantha Marketing, when I first started posting on Instagram, I tended to fall into the same trap of:

  • repeating hashtags that I used without realising which were working for user engagement and attracting new users
  • having the same ‘robots’ or users comment on my posts, often with the same comments every time!!
  • copying and pasting hashtag lists from search engine results without ever understanding the quality of the hashtag

However, when I started using Tailwind’s tool, I discovered new hashtags, and could see straight away whether it was worth my time and effort to include the hashtag on my post.

The colour coded categories are a game changer for me!

Take a look at the video below to see how I use this revolutionary tool:

As mentioned in the video walk-through, sign-up for a FREE trial of Tailwind using THIS LINK*

*To be transparent, this post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. 

5 Benefits Of Tailwinds Hashtag Finder Tool

“Stop copying-and-pasting, using outdated hashtags, and fighting to stand out on Instagram. Multiply your reach with Hashtag Finder’s perfect-fit picks for every post instead.” Tailwind

Instantly Learn Hashtag Volume 

When you hover your cursor over the hashtag that the tool generates, you will be able to instantly view how many posts are currently using that hashtag.

This data is vital for understanding the realistic timeframe that users will likely be able to view your post in the hashtag feed for. 

For example, the more posts that use a particular hashtag, the faster your post will get lost lower down the hashtag feed as newer posts appear at the top of the feed that use the same hashtag.

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Effortlessly Discover New Hashtags

The generator will instantly show new hashtags for you to use on your Instagram post.

If you are not happy with any of the hashtags that appear, you can simply either:

  • delete the ones that aren’t quite right by clicking the cross next to it
  • use the shuffle button to make a new set of hashtags appear to choose from

No longer do you have to use search engines to find new inspiration for hashtags to use.

Nor do you have to research and copy hashtags from popular Instagram user’s accounts.

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Understand The Hashtags’ Key Attribute

Tailwind’s tool colour codes the hashtags into four categories:

  1. Best
  2. Good
  3. Niche
  4. Competitive

So you don’t even have to spend time evaluating the hashtags that appear!

Try to use a combination of the four categories of hashtags within your posts.

Save Valuable Time

Let’s face it, social media is time-consuming!

The more we learn to automate activities and optimise our time, the more success we will gain at a faster rate! 

The amount of time I have personally spent in the past trying to make sense of which hashtags are driving the most user engagement and followers to my account is mind-boggling. Especially when tools such as Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder speeds up the process by finding and categorising relevant hashtags to use.

I just wish I had a tool like this sooner!

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Attract New Followers & Increase Post Interaction

Using hashtags are vital for increasing your reach and boosting your visibility.

Now that Instagram has put the use of hashtags at the forefront, they have become evermore important!

For example, the new features of the platform, now allow you to:

  • follow hashtags rather than solely accounts
  • add hashtags to instagram stories
  • view how many impressions you have gained from using hashtags

As you can see, hashtags are becoming the core of networking on Instagram and enable businesses to tap into new communities.

Finding and using the right hashtags for your business is now vital in order to stay ahead of your competition!

The Typical Instagram Results Of Tailwind Members

The proof is in the research!

If the Instagram hashtag generator tool still isn’t enough to convince you to try out Tailwind, then take a look at the astonishing results members have achieved by using the tools provided by Tailwind:

Instagram Hashtag Generator infographic


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The Instagram hashtag finder tool revolutionises the way you can optimise your social media scheduling by speeding up the process without compromising on target user reach.

Why not at least give it a test run to discover how your business can benefit from the tool, by signing up to the free trial*

*To be transparent, this post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. 

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