Ultimate Marketing Guide For Fitness Apparel Brands

The online market is fiercely competitive.  Fitness apparel brands will simply struggle to succeed without a solid digital marketing plan.

Whether you’re one of the many emerging fitness apparel brands straight out from the factory floor, or you have been around for a while but are struggling with your online return on investments, your sportswear business will not grow without the help of marketing.

Athletic-leisure-wear has continued to grow exponentially over the last few years. You must now position yourself at the top of the online fitness marketing competition in order to stand out from all the up-and-coming fitness apparel brands that are appearing by the day.

“With on-the-go and time-pressed consumers seeking a more active lifestyle and wanting to look good all the time, this hot trend may not be cooling any time soon.” ~ Andrea Cheng, Forbes

Workout enthusiasts always need new clothing to support their practice and passions. You provide it! Whether you have partnered up with an existing brand to sell their products, run an online drop-shipping store, or you manufacture your own products and sell them, this complete marketing guide will help inspire and teach you all the insider success secrets of what it takes to propel yourself to the forefront of your ideal customers. 

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Fitness Apparel Brands Marketing Plan

This complete marketing guide for fitness apparel brands will discuss the following topics:

  • The Benefits of branding
  • Setting your fitness marketing goals
  • Fitness marketing website content
    • Images and video content
    • Health and fitness topics to write about
  • Fitness social media marketing
    • 10 instagram strategies top fitness brands are using
  • Fitness brand ambassadorship strategy
  • Summary

The Benefits Of Branding

People process brands in the same area of their brain as they do people. Therefore, you need to remember, not only the importance of building a relationship with your clients, but also, you need to have a strong ‘sense of self’ and understanding of what your brand is all about. This is the most vital first step in connecting successfully with your clients.

In order to perfect your branding, you then need to gain a thorough understanding of your product and its benefits, your backstory, your process and the company’s personality.

All of this should be conveyed through your marketing to help create relationships with prospects and customers

Once you understand what your brand is all about, you can then better design the finer details, such as the colours, the feel, the brand name, and so on.

Often, one of the biggest company startup pain points is choosing fitness brand names. However, there are useful websites which can assist you in your search for fitness brand name ideas. Simply check out the links below:

Setting Your Fitness Marketing Goals

With all the tools and platforms that are now available to you online, reaching your ideal audience has never been easier than it is today.

Yet one of the key factors that many fitness apparel brands struggle with, is knowing what exactly you need to market, once your ideal customer is in front of you.

What is the purpose of a strong brand: to attract customers, to build loyalty, to motivate staff? All true, but for a commercial brand at least, the first answer must always be ‘to make money’. ~ David Haigh, Brand Finance

Then, just like when you start a new exercise program, you need to think about the finer details of what it is you are trying to achieve

Is your business looking to:

  • Increase sales?
  • Raise brand awareness?
  • Grow traffic to your website?
  • Retain existing customers?
  • Reach out to a new group of customers?
  • The list can go on!


Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals:

  • Be specific – define the details
  • Make it measurable – give quantities and size
  • Ensure it is achievable
  • Be realistic
  • Timely – give a timeframe and an end date

By setting clearly defined marketing goals, it will help you narrow down your focus to grabbing the attention of your ideal consumers. After all, what will work for one group of customers, will not necessarily work for another.

Once you have your goals in place, it is time to focus on your digital marketing strategies.

Fitness Marketing Website Content

The online content that you produce should provide powerful trendsetting qualities, showing both the high-tech functioning of the sports wear as well as its fashion superiority. With the help of subliminal messaging, you must show that no matter your personal style you can still look and feel great without it impeding your performance.

Images and video content

It is important that your unique selling point (USP) is promoted within the creative fitness marketing images and videos that you put online. You should therefore keep in mind, that when a customer browses your online content and chooses gym clothing, they will consider the following aspects:

1.     Comfort – there is no point in looking great if you feel irritable! If your brand prides itself on comfort, use content which helps to advertise this clearly.

2.     Moisture control – depending on the sporting activity and the amount of sweat involved, a customer will want the fabric to be able to dry quickly. If this is your USP, you can even seasonally advertise products as being able to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3.     Layering – if you offer a versatile range of sports wear, you can promote the need for using extra layers. Again this can be a great seasonal promotion for keeping you warm during those cooler mornings and evenings, or suggest a protective outer layer for windy and rainy climates.

4.     Keep the activity in mind – you simply need to use common sense for this aspect. For example, if you are selling baggy style men’s workout shorts, they will not necessarily be appropriate for cycling.

5.     Technology – if you feature anti-microbial treatments to fight odors, or UV protection to combat the effects of the sun’s rays, then these USPs must be portrayed in your online content. Use images that show how great the product is for particular scenarios. For example, if you sell glow-in-the-dark sports wear, advertise this safety feature on cyclists at night.

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Health and fitness topics to write about

Writing regular articles for your website blog is great for search engine optimisation, especially when you find high traffic key word phrases that you are able to competitively rank for. 

However, finding relevant topics to write about can be a headache, especially if you don’t have a solid topic finding process in place that you can follow.

So what should you be blogging about?

The main question to ask yourself is: what are your customers and potential clients wondering about? 


Check out the 40 powerful health and wellness quotes to inspire your clients to help prompt your creative writing.  

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Fitness Social Media Marketing

Social media trends shift rapidly and the top tactics to gain the best results changes frequently. Just as you finally get the hang of one social media platform, users end up migrating to another, or the whole layout changes causing you to have to resize your header images etc.  

The best way to adapt to an ever-changing social media terrain is to be open-minded and flexible to the changes. If you simply don’t have the time to keep up to speed with the constant developments and best practices with social media marketing, you should consider outsourcing marketing jobs.

What’s more interesting, is that many fitness brands set up social media accounts and then essentially cross that task off their to-do lists, posting only sporadically and without a true long-range plan. In reality, results-driven marketing on social media is a daily (or almost everyday) effort. It doesn’t work nearly as well to use it only when you have a spare moment. 

Therefore, you must remember that while signing up for a social media account is free, a lot of the work that follows, isn’t, at least for many fitness brands who wish to remain competitive. 

Some of the top fitness clothing brands, and even fitness equipment brands, fork out anywhere between a few hundred pounds a month to hundreds of thousands a year to boost their social media strategy so that they can attract more customers.

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When it comes to fitness social media marketing, one platform that you definitely do not want to ignore is the visual power of Instagram. It goes without saying that Instagram and fitness apparel brands are a match made in heaven!

One of the greatest advantages for fitness apparel brands on Instagram is that customers can admire a product and then purchase and own it at the click of a button. Therefore creating eye-catching content for Instagram is especially important.

Yet, aside from posting striking images, there are many other factors and tactics you can incorporate into your fitness social media marketing strategy. 

Before we take a closer look at these, it is important to remember that you must consider your Instagram account as a vehicle from which to communicate, promote, support and gain awareness for your fitness brand.

The account itself isn’t going to craft your brand identity for you; that’s up to you.

For best results:

  • First establish what you are marketing.
  • Then leverage the influential power of Instagram to spread that message.
  • Use online tools to monitor your statistics and automate posting.

10 Instagram strategies top fitness brands are using

Here are my top recommendations of fitness marketing ideas to boost your Instagram strategy;

1) Quality over quantity – Instead of overloading your followers with post upon post, be the fitness apparel brand that makes each post count in terms of quality. 

2) Consistency – The latest Instagram algorithm (as of July 2018) suggests that consistency is key. Therefore, if you simply don’t have the time to be posting on a daily basis, then don’t! Some of the top fitness apparel brands post every few days.
3) Create your own hashtag – Choose a brand new, unique hashtag, or develop and strengthen your own brand’s proprietary hashtag. Track its effectiveness throughout the year and utilize mentions of the hashtag as a means for proving campaign and brand awareness 
4) Recycle old images for your stories – It is important to post on your Instagram stories so that your profile image will light up and show at the top of a user’s home page. Therefore, if you don’t have anything to post, you should recycle your most popular old images to feature in your stories.
5) Create a compelling story – Build excitement and return visitors to your stories, by creating a unique storyboard. Once a week you can create a brand/ customer story which is long enough to be posted throughout the day, each day for the duration of a week. Users will want to return to find out what happens next!

6) Lifestyle over product museum – I totally understand that you are keen to show off all that your brand has to offer, but remember that Instagram is about selling a lifestyle, not a product. Therefore, incorporate your products subtly into lifestyle images. Consider which types of activities your target market is interested in, then create those types of lifestyle images.

7) Moving pictures – Invest the time and resources into putting together a series of super-short videos for Instagram specifically, and see how well they perform next to your other, more standard content

8) Motivate and inspire – having inspirational and motivating content has a great impact among consumers. Users interested in fitness often refer to social media for help and support. Guide and educate them on their fitness journey, by providing valuable and educational content and you will notice how your number of followers starts to climb fast. Check out the 40 powerful health and wellness quotes to inspire your clients.

Nonetheless, once you have created a beautiful and captivating Instagram profile, the next task is getting noticed by your target market. The most fast-track way to do this is by hiring social media influencer brand ambassadors.

Benefits of branding

Fitness Brand Ambassadorship Strategy

Active-wear is now a popular and established global industry, grown by both the increasing trend in health conscious fitness-minded individuals, as well as the growth of athletic social media influencers.

In 2018, one of the most effective and latest of fitness marketing ideas is to use a fitness clothing brand ambassador to endorse and advertise your products to their fans. It is one of the most successful fitness marketing strategies out there right now. 

As a fitness apparel brand, if you haven’t already implemented, or even considered, the effective use of brand ambassadors for your growing your business and sales online, then it is definitely time for you to incorporate this great strategy. 

Using at least one fitness apparel brand ambassador can be very powerful for not only driving sales, but building a loyal following too.

I have outlined the different types of brand ambassadorship strategies that are currently being adopting by different fitness apparel brands right now, below.

Fitness Clothing Brand Ambassador Strategies

There are several generic setups you can choose from when it comes to hiring a fitness brand ambassador. The decision for which to select wholly depends on your budget and timeframe.

The more effort and money you are willing to use when adopting a social media influencer strategy, the higher your return on investment will be. This is because when you successfully build excitement, more people will hear about your brand, which will drive sales, especially if your fitness marketing content and sales funnels are on point!

Let’s now take a deeper look at the core brand ambassador programs, that you can choose to incorporate into your fitness marketing strategy.

1) Monthly retainer fees for exclusivity

This strategy is the most expensive because of the monthly retainer fees you will pay out to keep your ambassadors working exclusively for your brand.

However, if you can afford to do this, then it is definitely the easiest way to grow a long-term loyal community fan base, by leveraging the influencer’s large account. 

This strategy works well with accounts that have 100k+ followers because you can reach a wide audience while also building trust with influencer by giving a monetary incentive that they can rely on.

Alo Yoga is one of the top fitness clothing brands that successfully uses this strategy, among others in this list, and has built a large community of yoga enthusiasts on their Instagram, ranking them 46th of most engaged brands on Instagram in 2017.

2) Free seasonal products 

This strategy is the most cost-effective of all as you only have to part with a set number of your new products every season.

It is a smart idea to setup a custom discount code to pass to each social media influencer for their fans to use, so that you can monitor which influencer is bringing you the most return on investment, moving forward.

Sleeh uses this strategy to continually build their brand online:

3) Ambassador discount

This is a very popular strategy that many smaller brands have adopted because it is the least expensive, and can help get you sales quickly!

It works by providing a set discount to brand ambassadors who will then promote the products they decide to purchase on their social media accounts. 

This is not a good longterm strategy to build loyal brand ambassadors because the incentive is small. Therefore you will only be able to target small accounts.

However, it is a clever sales tactic, especially if you have a large profit margin, as it helps influence sales by having many brand ambassadors who are actually simply your loyal customers.


Additional brand ambassadorship incentives

Whichever brand ambassador program you decide to adopt, you will need to offer additional incentives if you want to build an engaged community of followers to help grow your brand online.

By having a compelling offer, not only will influencers take you more seriously, but you will grow their enthusiasm to want to share your brand with their fans and followers.

brands of fitness equipment

I have outlined examples of tried-and-tested ideas that you can offer to your brand ambassadors, below:

  • Exclusive first looks at new products before they launch
  • Input on new product development 
  • Personal private discount code solely for the ambassador to use on all products
  • Personalised promo code to share with followers
  • Affiliate commission program
  • Exclusive invitations to brand ambassador fitness photoshoots (win-win strategy for you as this will stop you paying expensive modelling agency fees to hire models for the day)
  • Social media account take-over days (i.e. the ambassador provides three images to be posted throughout the day, along with captions telling your audience all about who they are and their interests in fitness.)
  • Giveaways (i.e. the ambassadors circulate the advert and potential winners have to repost the image in their personal feed as well as tagging a set number of accounts)
  • Sponsored competitions (i.e. you will give a free product to 3 winners who complete a 5 day fitness challenge run by your ambassadors)
  • Offer an opportunity to become a sponsored athlete in the future (incentive to work hard as an ambassador for you)

How to find the right fitness apparel brand ambassador

There are a few important factors you must take into consideration when searching for a promising fitness brand ambassador to work with you:

  • Social media activity – they should post regularly, if not daily on social media to be worth your time and effort.
  • Quality of feed – choose an influencer who already knows how to produce great looking images and/or video. 
  • Engagement on posts – the number of comments and likes they receive per post is a good indication of the number of users who are likely to pay attention to your brand. Remember, don’t be fooled by the follower count.
  • Post health and fitness related images – you need to work with someone who shares the same ethics, passion and values as your brand.

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When you use the software you also get:

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Take a sneak preview of the software and read the frequently asked questions to find out more about this software. 

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Now that you have a selection of useful marketing tips for your fitness apparel brand, it is time to put the ideas into action! 


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Additionally, you may want to consider getting a brochure of your products printed to hand out to your target audience. For more information and advice on this, check out this guide on writing brochures that generate sales leads.


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